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Rural Municipality of Reynolds
P.O. Box 46
Hadashville, Manitoba
R0E 0X0
Phone: (204) 426-5305
Fax: (204) 426-5552

NOTICE OF VOTERS LIST/ PERSONAL SECURITY PROTECTION In accordance with The Municipal Councils and School Boards Election Act (MCSBEA): The Rural Municipality of Reynolds Voters List is open for changes or revisions. At this time the Senior Election Official (S.E.O.) will be updating the Voters List by: (a) adding the names of voters who are entitled to have their names on the list; (b) deleting the names of persons who are not entitled to have their names on the list; and (c) making other corrections of errors to the list as required. VOTER ELIGIBILITY Section 21(1) & 22(1) A person is eligible to have his or her name added to the Voters List if he or she is: 1) a Canadian citizen and at least 18 years of age on election day; and 2) a resident of the local authority for at least six months prior to election day, OR a registered owner of land in the municipality for at least six months prior to election day. Eligible electors may have their names added, corrections made, or names removed by applying in writing, email or fax, Monday to Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. at the address/phone/fax number below. NON-RESIDENT VOTERS QUALIFIED IN MORE THAN ONE WARD Section 25(2) Any non-resident voter who owns property in more than one ward is responsible to notify the S.E.O. in writing, of the ward in which he/she desires to vote. Failing the foregoing, the voterís name will be placed on the list as the S.E.O. may select. MAXIMUM OF TWO NON-RESIDENT VOTERS PER PROPERTY Section 22(2) If three or more non-resident persons qualify as registered owners of a parcel of land, (a) No more than two of them are eligible to vote: (b) In order to be included on the voters list, each of those two persons must file with the S.E.O., the written consent of the number of persons who, together with the person to be included on the voters list, are a majority of the registered owners of the land. APPLICATION FOR PERSONAL SECURITY PROTECTION Section 34 A voter may apply in writing to the S.E.O. (at the address/fax number below) no later than 3 p.m. September 19th, 2014 to have his/her name and other personal information omitted or obscured from the voters list in order to protect the voterís personal security. The application may be submitted in person, by mail, or fax and must include your name, address, and proof of identity. Gail Wasylnuk, Senior Election Official The Rural Municipality of Reynolds Box 46 Hadashville, MB R0E 0X0 Phone: (204) 426-5305 Fax: (204) 426-5552 E-mail:


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