LOCAL GOV    POLICIES - Policy 6 Road Construction Standard
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(Road Allowance & Subdivision Roads)


- No brush piles and/or debris are to be left on adjacent land upon completion of construction. 

  All brush piles and/or debris are to be disposed of either by burning and/or removal.


- 24 foot or 8 metre sub-grade (top surface) width


- Minimum width of clearing is the width of the road allowance


- 4:1 grade slope


- 3:1 back slope


- 4% crown


- Turn arounds 66ft radius (if road allowance permits at end of road allowance)


- Vertical and horizontal alignment is to suit field conditions


- Compaction to be done by equipment utilized in construction of sub-grade


- Pit-run gravel /or screened gravel up to 4 in depth (depending on type of material used to construct

   the road base)


- MTS line location required where applicable


- Culverts are per culvert installation policy


- Drainage license application required where applicable as per water management guidelines                                     submitted by the Regional Water, Manager Henry Daniels memo dated February 25, 2002


- Permission may be granted by RM for an individual to develop an undeveloped road allowance at their expense


- Survey maybe required if individual constructing road costs to be borne by them


- Highway Traffic approval if required


Adopted by Council September 22, 2009  Res. 363/09