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Employment and Tenders

                     Employment Opportunity

The RM of Reynolds is seeking a qualified & experienced individual for the position of Building Inspector/Development Officer as required.

The Successful applicant must be familiar with the requirements of the following Acts, Codes and Standards.

·         National Building Code with the Manitoba Amendments

·         National Plumbing Code with the Manitoba Amendments

·         National Fire Code with the Manitoba Amendments

·         Buildings and Mobile Homes Act

·         CMHC Canadian Wood Frame House Construction (Best Practice)

·         Planning Act

The successful applicant will be responsible for the administration of the Planning Act in respect to:

·         Provincial Land Use Policies

·         Development Plan

·         Zoning Bylaw

·         Variation Applications

·         Conditional Use Applications

·         Public Hearings

·         Building Permits

·         Zoning Memorandums

·         Occupancy Permits

·         Enforcement

Please forward your Resume by June 15 2019, in confidence, and include a cover letter describing your past history and experience in a Municipal setting to:


Marion Grogan, CMMA

Interim CAO

RM of Reynolds





BOX 158



PHONE # 348-2125            FAX# 348-7245        Email: manager@wrnwwaste.com






 Introduction:  The Whitemouth-Reynolds-North Whiteshell Waste Management Facility is a small waste handling facility. We serve the people of the Rural Municipalities of Reynolds, Whitemouth and the North Whiteshell Provincial Park. The facility is a recycling depot as well as a landfill site. We are members of several of the stewardship programs in Manitoba.



Project:   We require a website to be constructed for our facility. We will also need help to maintain it for the first year. Since the people most likely to visit our website are the same people to use the facility, we require it to be intuitive, informational and clear. Though we do not need the site to be too stylish, we do need to be able to provide the public with the ability to download pdf and document files. We also want to provide the public with links to the sites of Manitoba’s stewardship programs. An example of a website we like is for the Solid Waste Area Management Project (SWAMP) in Manitoba. We do not require 24/7 support.     



Your submission:  Total fee for all design and build costs, including help to maintain our site. If possible, we would like to see examples of your previous work. Please give us an idea of time scale. Contact Lorne Charney at the above information with any inquiries.



Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. Our decision will be based on content and fee. Successful bid will be notified by June 26, 2019. All other bids will also be notified.



Tenders to be emailed to Anita Honke (clerk@rmwhitemouth.com) no later than 4:00 p.m. on June 14, 2019.





 To view the Medika Drain Tender Documents, Please go to Government, Documents and Downloads and then Job Postings.